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 “We need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in."

Desmond Tutu

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About Us

Youth Wellbeing Coaching CIC is a dynamic new resource for young people (16-25) in the Scottish Borders; providing them with a safe space to explore what is important to them, recognise their self worth and encourage their personal development. Youth wellbeing coaches are impartial and trusted adults who offer pro-active solution focused coaching to support and empower young people in decision making and taking actions to help them move forward.

By combining the following evidence-based approaches together on the platform of Wellbeing Coaching; we offer dedicated 1-2-1 and group coaching tailored to meet individual needs:

I•ROC wellbeing

COSCA Counselling Skills

Cognitive Behavioural Approaches

Animal Assisted Personal Development

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Drawing and Talking

With the expectations they have for themselves and from others, as well as the pressures of fitting in, loss, growing up and planning a future; it can be hard for many to cope. This, combined with a lack of resources and self knowledge of effective coping strategies; is resulting in an epidemic of mental health problems. This awareness has developed into our innovative approach to empowering young people to become unstuck, through improving wellbeing and developing positive mental health.

We firmly believe that young people can benefit from having an impartial confidante who will help provide meaningful connection, clarity and guidance. Our coaching programmes are designed to support and complement any existing work being provided by other services.

Through coaching we will empower you to:


Re-focus in order to recognise which values are important to you personally

Focus on confidence building, interpersonal skills and relationships

 Identify ambitions and the behaviours that need to change in order to achieve success

Work on changing behaviours using cognitive behavioural approaches

Develop self awareness and understand your personal SWOT analysis

Become self accountable and responsible

Develop positive self help coping strategies to improve your wellbeing

Provide an outlet for stress, low mood and anxiety

Identify your needs and discuss worries

Discover what your strengths are to improve self-confidence and learn how to seize opportunities

Set SMART goals with a personal wellbeing action plan

Spark motivation and develop positive mental attitude

Our Values


Honest and reliable; supported by a strong evidence base, committed to providing a high quality service.


Belief in the capability of young people to develop and succeed. Enabling young people to develop skills, strategies, tools and resources to improve wellbeing for themselves and others.


A holistic approach to multi agency working. Collaborating with young people, and promoting their ideas in the creation of current and future programmes and toolkits.

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A database of suggested resources for young people,  parents, concerned friends and other services to access. Please get in touch if you have any other recommendations for us to share

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