Youth Wellbeing Coaching CIC​


WHY NOT? Galashiels

Thanks to the support of the Why Not Scotland team, we have a stall in their Galashiels branch which is at 50 Channel Street. We are currently selling a range of wellbeing related items for young people with the aim of subsidising our coaching sessions. 

We recommend stopping by for their amazing organic hot chocolate and unique gifts. 

**please let us know if you have any recommendations for items we should look into stocking**



Serendipity Recovery Community Network

We work in partnership with Serendipity to support local young people who are in recovery. Later this year we will be piloting a peer support group for 6 weeks in 9 towns. Next year we will be launching the new SMART Recovery Teen & Youth Support Programme. 

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Borders College

In 2019 the Passport to College class supported us to develop our Lifeline Packs which can be used by young people who often experience very low mood and suicidal thoughts. They provide the young person with the opportunity to do something practical to help themselves while they are feeling ok so that they have something to anchor them when they are feeling very low. 

**The Lifeline Packs are now for sale in Why Not? in Galashiels**


Prior to starting up we facilitated a 6 week pilot with a group of young people who were being supported by the Works+ employability service and we will continue to work in partnership with this inspiring and innovative team.


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Dog Friendly Newtown

We are a keen supporter of Dog Friendly Newtown which is currently going through a relaunch as we agree with their vision of encouraging responsible dog ownership amongst local young people.

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Youth Borders

We are a proud member of the Youth Borders network. Youth Borders support local youth organisations and promote good quality youth work by offering support, networking events and training 

Volunteer Centre Borders

As members of VCB we are able to ensure that we recruit and treat our volunteers as fairly as possible.