Youth Wellbeing Coaching CIC​

"At n​o other phase of the life cycle are the pressures of finding oneself and the threat of losing oneself so closely allied"

Erikson 1968

Penumbra’s digital IROC Wellbeing

“I•ROC wellbeing is an outcomes based approach for services to support personal recovery which we use to evidence the impact of our service. It was developed by mental health practitioners and people with lived experience. The approach includes a validated measure of recovery that provides a structure for recovery conversations and a range of well designed, innovative and easy to use tools that promote self-management with tips and techniques. At the moment this is the only recovery outcomes instrument which has been developed in Scotland and it is a respected tool which is used worldwide.”

We have bought the license for the IROC  in order to provide a structured and focussed evidence based support package on which we will be able to provide reports to show the impact of our service.

We are currently helping Penumbra to test their new Youth IROC.

Wellbeing Coaching

“As more and more people deal with stress, low energy, overwhelm, frustration and self-doubt they are turning to positive ways to overcome such pressures. Enter the role of the wellbeing coach: to re-motivate, re-inspire, re-energise and help people get back on track and gain more out of life.” Raw Horizons Ltd

Our head coach Lynsay has completed Wellbeing Coach training with Raw Horizon Academy which has been Accredited by The Association for Coaching & NHS Personalised Care Institute. Lynsay is also a member of the Association for Coaching.

The Five areas’ Cognitive behavioural approaches


“The CBA for wellbeing is based on the cognitive behavioural model, written by Professor Chris Williams from the University of Glasgow to enable non specialist practitioners to use with their clients in order to help people who have become stuck in a vicious cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.” NHS Education for Scotland


As youth wellbeing coaches we use this approach to help young people make positive changes in their lives which will improve how they feel and help them to feel more connected to themselves, friends, family and their community. 

“The five areas approach is one of the world’s most used ways of communicating the CBT model. Aiming to provide an accessible language and powerful, clearly communicated change tools, the approach is widely used. The key has been retaining the benefits of the CBT approach- its focus on problems of relevance to the person, it’s structured step by step approach, all built on a supportive relationship with a practitioner. The approach has created a range of practitioner support resources that can be used to treat a wide range of mental and physical health problems.” Five Areas Ltd

Animal Assisted Personal Development

Studies have shown that animals can help people to engage better in group activities by reducing blood pressure, increasing dopamine and serotonin, and breaking barriers/ building bridges in communication. 

We work closely with Canine Concern Scotland Trust’s local Therapet team to incorporate either dogs or cats into our group work sessions. Their team is made up of a wide range of breeds of dogs and mostly ragdoll cats who have all been fully vetted and insured by CCST. 

We also work closely with Dog Friendly Newtown who offer interactive educational sessions involving your own dog; with the aim of increasing knowledge and understanding of responsible dog ownership for happier pooches.

COSCA Counselling Skills

We do not offer counselling or therapy. 

Our head coach has a Counselling Skills certificate which is COSCA validated; she also has Counselling Skills Membership status with COSCA which is Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy. 

How you can support us

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