Youth Wellbeing Coaching CIC​


Inspiring Life: Evie Douglas Memorial Fund

A huge thank you to Freda and her fellow trustees for their generous donation which covered all of our start up costs. We are so grateful for your support and we applaud your continued efforts to support local mental health and wellbeing services. 



The Hayward Sanderson Trust

The trustees at Pike & Chapman in Galashiels provided us with a grant which will go towards the running of our group coaching sessions in Galashiels.

The Family Recovery Initiative Fund

SFAD have very kindly donated this grant to us which will enable us to co-facilitate SMART Recovery Teen and Youth support groups in partnership with Serendipity. During lockdown we received permission to repurpose some of this funding to make wellbeing packs for young concerned others. 

The Corra Foundation & Comic Relief's Shift the Power grant

We were thrilled to receive this grant at the end of 2019. This will enable us to run peer support groups for young people in 9 local towns. This project is in partnership with Serendipity; which is a charity run by people in recovery for people in recovery and their families. We are looking for volunteers with lived experience of mental health recovery to help us facilitate these 6 week pilots in each town so please get in touch if you would like to help.

SBSEC Seedcorn Fund

With this fund we will be able to offer partially subsidised 1-2-1 coaching sessions (£60 f0r 6 sessions). Please get in touch for more information. 

Persimmon Homes Community Champions

We would like to thank Persimmon Homes for their support, this grant will provide wellbeing coaching for staff and volunteers.

Radio Borders Cash for Kids 

This funding has enabled us to make and distribute 200 free wellbeing packs to young people across the Scottish Borders during lock down.

This has given us the opportunity to make a short and long term difference to the lives of vulnerable young people who are struggling for many reasons including homelessness, addiction and mental health issues.

The unexpected benefit of these packs is that they have had a positive ripple effect as they have impacted not only the young people they were intended for but also other family members including parents, siblings and grandparents as they have created a bridge in understanding by providing a variety of opportunities to start helpful conversations and activities. 

The Community Wellbeing Fund

This funding was used in July 2020 to make 100 free wellbeing packs for young key workers (paid workers and volunteers) to recognise their efforts and thank them for their hard work. We felt it was time to give something back to these heroes to remind them to look after themselves first and foremost. 

Youth Scotland Action Fund

 With this funding we bought two laptops; this enabled us to get our team up to speed using online platforms like zoom and social media. We have doubled our following on Facebook since lock down and this has allowed us to reach more people with advertisements for our wellbeing packs. This funding has also helped us to stay connected within local and national youth work networks which has included sharing ideas of what is working and training.

Scottish Government #WellbeingFund

We were selected by Youth Borders as one of 15 of their members to receive this funding to cover our membership and insurance for year 2.